Protect your business and avoid getting marked as a Spammer with the right email marketing software

Have you ever had an email to clients flagged as being spam? While in the past this was a mere annoyance, these days it could end up costing your business, even though you probably weren’t trying to intentionally spam your customer. You’ll be glad to know that with the right email marketing software you can not only avoid being marked as spam and paying fines, but also increase the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns at the same time.

The Cost of Being Viewed as ‘SPAM’

It doesn’t take much for an email to be considered spam, and when you’re using a faulty email management service, or doing it yourself it’s easy to get it wrong. You might forget to add an ‘unsubscribe’ button or the button might not work when clicked on, which means that people who don’t want to receive your content keep getting emailed. This could result in your business breaching subsection 16(1) of the Spam Act 2003, resulting in a fine from the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Not only could this cripple your business, but it could also result in negative publicity and damage to your reputation amongst customers.

The easiest way to prevent this is by using a robust email marketing and management tool that allows you to control your options at your fingertips.

Enter iReach from iOnline

iOnline offers clients what we believe to be the best email marketing and management software out there: iReach.

iReach an effective and easy to use tool that allows you to manage both your SMS and email marketing from one platform. Putting together your email is simple, as dozens of templates are available and changes can be made by dragging and dropping various types of sections.

The best part about iReach is that it takes local email marketing and spam laws into account and integrates their requirements into every template. This means that no matter which template you choose, clients will be able to quickly and easily unsubscribe with a single click, and will be required to opt in to receiving online material twice to ensure they’re aware they’re consenting to getting it.

With such an amazing tool on your hands, all you’ll need to do on your side is provide the email addresses and let iReach do all the heavy lifting and hard work.