So why do so many WordPress developers prefer Yoast as an SEO plugin?

SEO and website development go hand in hand. One cannot operate at its best without the other, and thanks to plugins it’s easy to combine the two. While WordPress is already optimised with good SEO practices in mind, there’s a reason why so many developers install the Yoast SEO plugin, which has been downloaded over a million times and is incredibly popular.

Why do Developers use Yoast SEO:

First of all, any self-hosted WordPress website can download the Yoast plugin free of charge, and while it offers paid premium functions for users that post plenty of news or video content, its core free offering is more than sufficient for the SEO needs of most websites. There’s also a Local SEO extension you can invest in, which will give geographically specific information to selected searchers.

Secondly, the most challenging part of using this plugin is setting it up, and once that’s done by a WordPress developer you can get going almost immediately. You can even import settings from other SEO plugins you’ve used in the past.


  • Once installed, Yoast uses a colour coded dot system that tells you if your page has SEO problems or not, with more detailed page analysis available as well.
  • You can set and display your focus keywords, titles, and meta descriptions for your website’s static pages and recurring posts, like your monthly blog articles. You can also choose exactly what page information is displayed our not.
  • With Yoast, you can link your social media pages and optimise sharing across these platforms, giving you information on shares occurring from your site, as well as the amount of traffic being generated from social media to your website.
  • Sitemaps are automatically generated with Yoast, and it even notifies search engines when new content is added to a site.
  • Yoast can also connect to Google’s Search Console, which means that you can see any site errors visitors are encountering, and fix them.

Yoast is a hardworking plugin, and the above listed benefits are just the beginning of what it can do. To get the most of out of it, get a your SEO or marketing team to work with you on further site optimisation using the plugin.