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Struggling To Get Your App To Succeed? Let Us Help You With Real-Time Insights And Live Monitoring


To succeed in the digitally driven world, you must be able to make decisions quickly, and more importantly, you have to make them accurately. This means that you must have as much information available as possible, which is why the ability to monitor your apps accurately and in real-time has become invaluable.

If you are wondering whether your application is slow, or whether there’s an issue on your network, then you need to implement a real-time app monitoring solution. At IOnline, we rely on using monitoring software that not only gives us the ability to focus in on aspects of your app’s performance in terms of response time and data transfer, amongst others. This not only helps our software developers highlight issues and fix them quicker, but also give our client an overview of what issues are happening.

Here are just some of the benefits of real-time application monitoring.


Your apps performance on other external services

It is part of the reality of being online that your application will be affected by external influences like web services, cloud resources and activity on the network. With our active monitoring capabilities, we can identify and find any external problems that might be slowing you down, and provide you with alternatives.

A closer look at your performance data API

If you are looking at external factors that influence your app, you also have to keep a close eye on your internal functions. We are able to view server response times, number of page loads, page load times, and error rates to get a holistic view on your app's performance, and help you to bring about changes that will see you succeed.

Historical views of your performance

No matter how good the data is, you can’t just make changes in the moment, and think that you will see long term growth. It is also important to have a historical view on any changes you have implemented on your app, to see whether you have made the right decision. With our help, you will be able to quickly cancel a change before it creates a knock-on effect.




To be able to provide these services, we have adopted New Relic software into our own app development and monitoring processes. New Relic is a market leader in real-time monitoring and provides us with the ability to give you data-backed insights that will improve your app’s performance.

For more information on Application Development at iOnline go here.

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