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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, open-source website creation tool that is most likely one of the easiest, and most powerful blogging and website content management systems out there. It allows users to easily add, edit and remove pages, blog posts, images, and media on their website. It is incredibly powerful because of its open-source nature meaning that developers from around the world can contribute and develop plugins which serve specific functions. WordPress is very flexible in the way its pages can be developed to look any way you want.



Why Is WordPress So Popular?

WordPress at the time of writing accounts for almost 23% of all websites on the internet. 23%. That is simply staggering.  Why has WordPress become so popular in recent years? Certainly, our own development team have noticed a sharp upwards trend in demand for this particular type of website management system. There is no simple answer, but rather a combination of reasons: -

  • Open Source / Plugins - the WordPress Platform has been developed from the ground up for be modifiable by being open source. This means nothing in the platform is locked down or obfuscated from developers working with it.  This is turn has given rise to additional functionality through 'plugins'.  Looking for some functionality that doesn't come 'out of the box' with WordPress? No problem, chances are that there are plugins available to meet your requirements.  WordPress's plugins are stable and rarely cause issues that can comprise the website's stability.
  • Ease Of Use - the WordPress CMS, and Website Management Functions are a breeze to work with. Adding new pages, rearranging menu's and managing media are a drag and drop affair meaning users with practically no technical knowledge can create meaningful content and posts for their visitors. We have had many training sessions with anxious clients about the usability of these systems and they walk away saying "Wow! This is so easy!"
  • Customised Themes - You can purchase your own themes, or get them built from the ground up. The changes you make to the pages won't negatively effect the layout and design you have chosen. Sick of the way a theme works? Easy! Just download another and install it and you have a brand new website.



Are There Any Downsides To WordPress?

Although WordPress is a wonderful web based solution to managing your website and it's contents there are some downsides. As this platform is so popular, it also makes it an easy target for malicious users.  The team here at iOnline have seen a great deal of compromised websites based on WordPress, typically these sites are compromised and spam email is often relayed through them. Other instances of defacing websites and publishing malware are also common with unsecured WordPress website builds. The most common reasons why your WordPress website could get compromised include: -

  • Insecure WordPress Configuration - web developers need to be aware that WordPress out of the box is actually quite insecure. Popular paths to administrative pages, misconfigured encryption, weak admin passwords, unmodified table names and other misc settings can all lead to your WordPress installation to be compromised.
  • WordPress Core and Plugins Are Not Kept Up To Date - one of WordPress's greatest feature is that it allows for quick and easy installation of plugins which provide additional functionality. These plugins are constantly being revamped, re-factored and reworked to be more secure. Needless to say, these plugins and the WordPress software should be kept up to date at all times to make sure you website is as secure as possible.  Outdated core and plugins are the most common reasons why websites based on WordPress are compromised.
  • Incorrectly Configured Hosting - WordPress requires that only some files and folders be left unsecured for plugins and file uploads. Some developers often forget this and misconfigured their entire website making it an easy target for malicious users.

There are literally hundreds of modifications that can be completed by your web developer to make your WordPress website less susceptible to malicious users.  Please talk to your web developer and ask them to do their research to ensure your website isn't compromised.



How Can iOnline Help?

The web development team at iOnline have extensive experience in the following areas of WordPress based web development: - 

  • We build our sites from the ground up for security.
  • We do all the obvious security patches.
  • We do all the minor alterations that not everyone knows about.
  • We can repair and rebuild your WordPress website if it is compromised.
  • We can provide ongoing Monthly Maintenance Audits on your WordPress based website. 
  • We provide a turn key solution for your WordPress based website - we give you the final product that 'just works'.

Get Your SSL With iOnline Now!


A Simple Plugin To Get You Started...

Although security plugins are an essential part of WordPress Security Patching, a lot of deep level configuration of WordPress is required to truly secure your website.  If haven't considered WordPress security before, we recommend you start with a free plugin.  See the video below to get started.

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